C-Sick Boom Bap Kit Vol.3

The C-Sick Boom Bap Kit Vol. 3 is the go-to drum sample library designed for boom bap and hip-hop beats. If you like super tight, clean drums with a vintage vinyl feel - then this kit is just right for you. It is a true collection of my personal favorites drum samples stored into one crazy folder! Take advantage of the custom made drum loops for better rhythm ideas and the large snare library. In this kit, you will have access to 100 + audio files compatible with any software/DAW or Hardware systems. Take your Hip-Hop skills to next level.

  • Kicks: (25)
  • Snares: (30)
  • Crashes: (5)
  • Rim Shots: (7)
  • Hi Hat Loops: (17)
  • Hi Hats: (30)
  • Open Hats: (6)
  • Percs: (7)
  • SFX: (10)